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The Hombu Dojo (headquarters) of Gichin Funakoshi was in Tokyo and it was here he trained the next generation of Karate Sensei. Chidokan is a form of Karate that was derived from Shotokan Karate Do and was founded by two students of Gichin Funakoshi, Hanshi Sasaki and Kyoshi Sasaki on 8 November 1954.



There are three spokes to the wheel of karate training: Kata, Kumite and Kihon.

Bunkai exists within each of these spokes.

Chidokan places a greater emphasis on Kata and Kihon, than Kumite and history has shown that this is by no means a disadvantage.

Kihon can be seen as an extension to Kata in that it allows you to break down the Kata into components and practice certain moves or techniques in isolation and, more importantly, in a different context. This is also very useful from the perspective of applying bunkai to moves from a kata. Ever wondered by some Kata moves are only done on one side? Ever tried to do these one sided Kata moves on the other side?

There is a natural progression from Kihon to Kumite once the student has understood the application of the Kihon.

The Chidokan Syllabus contains a system of Kihon that consists of groups of exercises, each with a different perspective or purpose. These groups are :

  • Kihon-Yon-Dosa – Basic four way exercise.
  • Tai-Sabaki – Body Shifting.

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