About Shotokan Chidokan Karate-Do Federation India

Shotokan-Ryu Chidokan Karate do Federation India was formed under the guidance of Sensei Mahesh Kushwaha in the year of 2010 after his Geneva(Switzerland) visit. SCKFI is a founding member of Chidokai Karate does International headed by Shihan Hiroshi Nakajima. SCKFI is registered under the register & forms society and recognized by Karate Association of India which is the only karate federation recognized by Govt. of India-ministry of Youth affairs and Sports. SCKFI having branches more than 12 states of India. Our aim to raise the technical standard of karate-kas, to achieve this we regularly organize training camps in different parts of India as well as organize International training seminars under International masters.

Our Masters

Shihan Hiroshi Nakajima
Shihan Hiroshi Nakajima
8th Degree Black Belt- JKC & JKF

Shihan Hiroshi Nakajima

International- co-ordinator

Since 1974, Hiroshi Nakajima Shihan has lived in Geneva, where he originally moved at Sasaki Sensei's request to serve as officialoverseas instructor on recommendation by the Tokyo Karatedo Federation and the JKF-Rengokai.In 2008, Nakajima Sensei was appointed by the Standing Committee of the Japan Karatedo Chidokai to coordinate the establishment and administration of IKR-CKI and to act as its Senior Instructor. A former WUKO (WKF) referee, he is a member of the JKC Standing Committee and holds the grade of 8th Dan JKF-Rengokai and JKC.

Sensai Mahesh Kushwaha
Sensei Mahesh Kushwaha
6th Degree Black Belt-KAI, WKF
5th Dan-Kickboxing

Sensei Mahesh Kushwaha

Chief Instructor - INDIA

Sensei Mahesh kushwaha is the Chief Instructor of Shotokan ryu Chidokan Karate-do Federation India. He has experience of more than two decades

Sensei Mahesh Kushwaha has started his karate training in school time and he has travelled extensively and trained under several legendary shotokan masters like...

  • Shihan Hiroshi Nakajima.
  • Shihan Mikio Yahara.
  • Shihan Pemba Tamang.
  • Shihan Hitoshi Kasua.

Sensei Mahesh Kushwaha is the 6th Dan Black belt from WKF & KAI and 5th Dan in Kickboxing. He is expert in applied Self Defense.

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